“How Do You Comb Your Hair?”

On the special days, when I let my hair out of it’s protectively-styled state and I leave it to run free in its 4c, super-shrinking glory, I get lots of reactions. I get looks of admiration, some amazement, some disgust (sadly, yes), and a lot of curiosity. “Is it all your hair?” “It’s so beautiful!Continue reading ““How Do You Comb Your Hair?””

No-Stress Natural Hair Care for Kids

First, I have to give it to all the mothers in the world. You’re the best! It’s “difficult” to be natural as an adult, but to take on the added responsibility of caring for your child’s natural hair—respect! Someday, it will be one more thing out of the many that your daughter will thank youContinue reading “No-Stress Natural Hair Care for Kids”