20 Strands: Behind the Book

I wrote a book for my birthday!

More like I accidentally wrote a book.

First, it was a journal template, then a helpful calendar…until it morphed into a full (short) book.

Then I designed and published it too in 36 hours.

It’s called ‘20 Strands: Lessons on Life and Hair’, by Temi Ajala

Birthday girl sitting pretty!

Why did I write it?

I’ve been natural since 2015, but for the last 2 years, I’ve been wearing my natural hair almost exclusively. Because of this, I’ve gotten a bit of attention. Mostly from people who like it, didn’t think it was possible for them, and now realize they too can have long, healthy hair because it was possible for me.

Since then it’s become my mission to guide folks looking to start their natural hair journey on the best way to start and sustain their mission throughout their journey.

Trying to explain the fundamentals of hair growth at an agriculture summit or while shopping for groceries in a busy store is usually not the best place to share my message. So I decided to go a little further. 

Every time I tried to write down my ideas for the most important habits for hair growth, I found myself relating them to life experiences I’ve had or learned from others. 

It’s no secret that human beings learn better from stories than from theories. It is why our Lord always told parables to prove a point. I figured I should do the same. 

What’s the book about?

This book links life lessons to hair lessons and gives naturals—new and experienced—the right mindset to succeed in their journey.

Both in life and in hair.

From notes on goal setting to tips on finding the right environment to thrive, each lesson strand is guaranteed to give every reader, even those who don’t have hair, an opportunity to evaluate and reshape aspects of their lives. 

It’s a short book because I’m mindful of people with the same short attention span I have, but I’m sure it’ll help put things in perspective. Or maybe you’ll hate it and have a few choice words for me at the end. 

Either way, go get a copy and tell me what you think!

At the end of the book, there are two simple re-shaping journals for people who want to commit to boosting their life and hair journey in a year.

My hope is that by my next birthday, I’ll get stories from people who made commitments and have seen results. It’ll be my next birthday gift.

I can’t wait!


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