Stronger Than You Think

Today, I leg-pressed 20kg weights on the machine. After that, I lunge-walked across the gym floor with a 10kg barbell across my shoulders.

All that with my gym instructor telling me, “You’re stronger than you think, finish it!”

At that point, I was only strong enough to hit her for punishing me for wanting to be fit. 

She was right though.

I am stronger than I think. 

I am both currently and potentially strong. 

Two months ago, I probably wouldn’t have been able to lift more than 5kg with any part of my body. At the time, I didn’t have the capacity for it. 

But after 3 weeks of showing up, putting in work and doing a little more each day at the gym than the day before, I became strong enough to lift those weights—with my legs! 

I had become stronger than I thought… or at least stronger than I knew.

Strength, in any area of life, doesn’t happen the day you discover it. It is built over time, by the big and little things you do to build it. 

So, how strong are you? 

More importantly, how strong do you want to be?


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