Resist Rest

Change happens when you move from a position of rest.

Temi ajala

This post is inspired by a friend who set out to lose some weight this year and was able to lose 30kg in six months. The major key to her success was the Jumping Jacks exercise, and the theory behind it.

The thing is, the body puts in more work to lift off the ground i.e. move against gravity, than to remain at rest. The result of this movement is weight loss.

So every time you jump, walk, or run, you’re expending more energy to go against your natural position of rest (lying or sitting). In this rest position, you are as close to the ground as possible, totally under the influence/control of gravity, basically not doing much. 

I find this mind blowing, because it applies to other areas of life as well.

Human beings are naturally adaptive creatures. Our bodies and minds are somewhat resistant to change, and we seek to get accustomed to changes as quickly as possible so we can enter a new state of rest, or go back to a previous rest state.

So every time we make a move and push against rest, however little, it an enormous effect that we may be aware of or not.

Here’s the beautiful part; every movement has an effect. Whether positive or negative, something happens. Most times, depending on the direction you choose to move, the effect of the change will be positive. 

Now, the hard part; our resistance to rest must come from within.  

We must be internally motivated to make a move. That’s when the effects of the change will be positive (depending on the action) and lasting. 

Of course, there are external factors of change as well: economic conditions; loss of a loved one; worldwide lockdown caused by a global pandemic… These external factors can push us into making changes whether we’re ready or not. But, unless we can internalize some of that need for a change, our minds will only work against us, pushing us to go back to that former state of rest instead of propelling us into a new realm of change. 

Change is a good thing, don’t fight it.

Movement inspires change. Don’t remain in a state of rest, popularly known as the comfort zone (which also changes as we make progress). 

Continue improving. Continue changing. Keep defying gravity. Maybe even learn to fly. 

Just. Keep. Moving.


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