Heroes of my faith- Pastor Shawn

I have had the privilege (and I genuinely mean this) to meet a real, down-to-earth superhero.  A man who despite all odds;

–          Service in a foreign country

–          Middle of active violence

–          Possible death

–          Condemnation from fellow service members

–          Language, societal/ cultural barriers…

…. Still had Matthew 28 on his mind. The “Go Ye” assignment. So heavy it was on his mind that he dedicated time and thought to creative ways of winning souls to Christ, in the midst of crisis.

He put away mother, wife, children and worldly cares to go about his divine assignment in the midst of his national assignmentthe fire. He endured pain, and put in work to catch the eyes of men, women and children in a simple way; a tattoo.

We’re all encouraged to be walking ambassadors of Christ. He made it literal, he became his preach. He lived it in good and bad times.

Now out of active service, he is still living his faith. Still reaching out to people. Still living his preach.

Meet a hero of my faith;

Name: Shawn

Occupation: Pastor, U.S. Veteran, Military advocate, lover of all humans and energetic soul winner.


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